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What does it mean by : 'Fire and explosion protection on offshore platforms'

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    just a project i have to start working on soon wanted to know if i can get any useful information about it please
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    Which words don;t you understand?
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    :rofl: I see sometimes even YOUR patience wears thin.
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    It means that you need to get up to speed in gas detection, fire detection, smoke detection, blast wall design, water mist and water deluge suppression systems, it means that you have to make these things work and work properly on a structure that may be hundreds of miles from land, it means that every time you hear a news headlines that start, There has been a fire on an oil platform your heart will go to your mouth and you'll be praying, "Don't let it be XYZ". Enjoy.
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    read everything you can on piper alpha, and deep water horizon
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