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What does it mean by wave nature of matter?

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    Hi all. i am new in quantum mechanics and i am having difficulties in understanding wave nature of matter. what is exactly mean of it when we say wave nature of matter. Does it mean matter also move in waveform, oscillating or something else. How matter waves move? And please don't give examples of light waves,i don't understand dual nature of light too. Thanx!
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    Wave nature of matter basically means matter travels in the form of waves. A wave has crests and troughs, a certain wavelength and frequency.
    When a matter wave interacts with another matter wave, it either undergoes constructive interference(addition of waves) or destructive interference(subtraction of waves) depending on what parts interact.

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    The wave-particle duality is an old-fashioned concept from the socalled "old quantum mechanics". It's totally obsolete and misleading since 1925/26, when full modern quantum theory was discovered, including the statistical interpretation of de Broglies matter waves, which also belong to old quantum theory, but where an important mile stone to reach to full theory in terms of "wave mechanics" which was the path of discovery undertaken by Schrödinger, who ironically never adapted the modern point of view and didn't like his own greatest invention thereafter :-(.

    There are a lot of discussions on this topic in this forum. Just look for it with the search function.
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