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What does * mean and how is it used

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    I'm studying hermitian operators and in the equations it keeps using a * after a function i.e. f(x)*
    I don't understand what it means and how it's used and why they keep moving it all around the equation....I know it's probably pretty easy and I just missed it in lecture but it's driving me crazy.
    pleeeese help!:cry:
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    The * stands for complex conjugatation. So, if f(x) is the wavefunction, then f*(x) is the complex conjugate of the wavefunction.

    If you're still unsure, then give an example of it "moves around an equation" and someone can clear it up for you.
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    Complex conjugate means the imaginary part of the function becomes negative, in case you didn't know that.
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    Just to remove any possible room for error: conjugation changes the sign of the imaginary part, so it could become positive as well (or, indeed, remain zero).
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