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What happens when an anitmatter blackhole collides with a matter blackhole?

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    What happens if two blackholes of identical mass collide, but one is anti-matter and the other is regular matter? Would all of the matter anihilate in a gigantic explosion of photons which could be detected by a far away observer? Or, would all of the radiation energy, which would still have an enormous gravitational field equal to the combined energy of the two original blackholes, remain trapped within the event-horizon of the now, merged, single blackhole? This would be like a black hole made of nothing but photon energy (which I am assuming still warps space-time).
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    The two black holes would merge.
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    In classical GR, according to the No-Hair Theorem, black holes are completely characterised by charge, mass, and angular momentum. Thus an antimatter star with the same amount of charge, same mass and same angular momentum with a matter star will, under ideal conditions, collapse into identical black hole. Therefore you don't have antimatter black hole. When colliding, these two black holes will thus, just merge.
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    I would add that aside from mass, electric charge, and angular momentum, all information about the matter that falls into a black hole is lost.
    So, it is meaningless to say that a black hole is either made either matter or antimatter.
    There is no difference.

    EDIT: I was beaten to the punch by yenchin.
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    Interesting. So basically, it's the energy(or mass) that matters and that's all. Any Anti-matter anihilations would be hidden (if not out-right irrelevant). Thanks all.
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    well if it doesnt matter what kind of matter and energy go into a blackhole what about hawking radiation where an anti matter particle will make the bh smaller
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    No one knows if information is really lost when matter falls into a black hole. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_information_paradox" [Broken]," by Susskind.
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