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What is a good pace to do Math problems?

  1. Dec 16, 2011 #1
    What is a good pace to do math problems? I often take so looong to do math, while my peers and friends do it so quickly. However, i think it is because they do the material mindlessly while I actually take the time to read the pages of examples, proofs, history, etc. My peers just skip the pages, and only refer to it when they get stuck while doing the problems. Which approach of doing math is better? Is my approach a waste of time?

    What is a decent time for doing math? Is, say, 10-12 problems of related rates problems in 2 hours in Calculus 1 too slow or a decent rate?

    Thanks you much!
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    Hi GirlInDoubt! :smile:

    Any rate will do.

    When you start at new material, it is difficult to keep long at it.
    It's exhausting to absorb the new definitions.
    And it is wise to take a few breaks.

    But once you get started with a few problems, that turn out doable, things can accelerate.
    If you get it, you can do a lot of problems in a row.
    That is, until you run into that problem that is too difficult.
    Then it's time for a break again or a night's sleep.
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    at your own pace, lol?
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    Don't rush yourself. You won't learn anything from just learning how to solve certain problems, you should also understand why your method works. Rushing ahead at a speed figuring out the fastest way to solve problems will only get you so far, a deep understanding is something far more important.
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