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What is a vibrating system?

  1. May 19, 2012 #1
    So as the title says, what is a vibrating system? Does it only apply to sound waves?
    Please give five examples of everyday vibrating systems just to contextualise the concept for me.

    Many thanks
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    Looks like a homework question to me. Do some reading and we might be able to discuss what you've found.
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    I live in the Amazon region of Brasil. There are dirt roads that develop regularly-spaced bumps after many cars/trucks pass. When I drive down one of these roads at a certain speed my truck becomes a vibrating system.
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    Thanks for a helpful answer :)
    However, would a child on a swing going back and forth be considered a vibrating system?
    Or does it have to be vertical oscillations (such as your truck example) in order for it to be a vibrating system?
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    I think most people would consider a tuning fork to be a "vibrating system" regardless of whether the fork is held so that the blades move up and down or left to right or front to back.
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    jayadds, Have you done any searching on the internet to find an answer to your own question? Have you tried a Google search yet? If and when you enter the adult world of higher education, do not expect your professors/advisors to do your research for you. Same here. "Vibrating Systems" is such a general topic, and so simple that I'm surprised you even ask about them.

    After typing in the search term into Google and a 0.17 second delay, this appeared:


    If you read up on "vibrating systems" and then have some specific questions or doubts, do come right back here and post them. Certainly members here are willing to help you along your journey toward understanding the natural world around us.
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