What is Partial Gamma-production?

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I am currently looking at some literature for the production of different radioactive nuclei under the bombardment of protons on Copper. I found something called partial γ-ray production cross-sections and I am wondering what this means. I know that cross-sections generally describe the probability of a nuclear reaction occurring but I don't fully understand this concept. Can you help me?


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Looking at that publication, I think it is a description for all "n+nucleus -> nucleus + n + gamma + whatever" processes.
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So it describes the probability that a nuclear reaction will produce a prompt gamma with a certain energy or is it any prompt gamma in general?

65Cu(p,n+γ(E=1200keV))65Zn - the partial γ-ray production cross-sections will thus describe the probability for this γ with this particular energy being emitted? Or does it describe the total gamma radiation from this transition?
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If the energy is given like that, the number should correspond to photons with that energy.
Your process gives photons with well-defined energy.