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Medical What is special about EEG electrodes?

  1. Jul 28, 2012 #1
    I ordered some EEG electrodes online and im planning on building a EEG myself to do lots of ideas i have

    in the meantime before the electrodes arrive, i want something to substitute for eeg electrodes. I was wondering about some substitutes and what exactly is special about eeg electrodes.
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    nothing special from what I can see of all the ones I have lying around here
    will qualify that by saing the most special part may well be the conductive sticky gel on their surface to allow them to stick to the skin.
    Would be interesting to know more about its properties

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    Why do you have EEG electrodes lying around your home?
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    hahaha cuz I have been in hospital so, so many times this year, and it hasnt finished yet :(
    got open heart surgery to look forward to NOT !

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    Sorry to hear that.

    I think you probably have EKG electrodes then. Not EEG electrodes.

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    haha yes you are correct.... had to google the difference ... we learn something new every day :)

    EEG for brain activity ... or lack of ... not my current problem, tho my wife may debate that sometimes ;)

    my heart hassles was caused by a tropical infection in the chest that gave me acute pneumonia and went on to damage tissues in and around the heart
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    I was looking for the portable EEG monitors like the equivalent for ECG a while ago. A portable one could be a very lucrative product, but it's efficacy may not be good
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    You could theoretically use any conductive surface, as the amplifier inside the EEG will transform the waveform into something recognizable by us. However, if you have to ask us, I think you should read up a little bit more on EEG's before putting the time and money into building one.
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