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What is the about equivalence of ?

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    Ok, well I'm sorry if this is the wrong section but it has to do with energy and nuclear physics. I have to present why we should use nuclear energy, though no one in the class knows a lot about it. I am going to be using the example of getting nuclear energy from U-235/92. I have the formula and the end result is around 177MeV, though I don't know how I could explain this to them. Do you know an approximate equivalence to what would be around 177MeV in everyday life?
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    Just the site I was looking for, THANKS
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    For comparison, dynamite contains about 4000 joules per gram, or roughly 0.5 eV (electron volts) per atom. The uranium contains about 177 million eV per atom, or about 350 million times as much energy per atom as dynamite. For comparison, 1 molecule of glucose (Gram molecular weight = 180) contains about 30 eV of energy (released during metabolism).
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