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What is the correct word for ?

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    what do you call a question that is meant to guide the answer, or a question that is designed to create a subtext that the answer won't cure...


    1. How can you justify wasting valuable money on such frivoloties?
    2. Are you planning to let this problem ride itself out?
    3. What plans does the administration have in place to address the impending crisis in Haiti?

    and what is the word for a reference to a vague 'source' in making a detached accusation or assertion?


    1. Some critics would argue that...
    2. What do you say to those who suggest...?
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    1. Complex question (loaded question).

    2. This might not really be a fallacy (or a weak argument, as has been suggested that fallacies really add up to) since it doesn't really matter who raised the given objection to your thesis; the question is whether a given objection can be reasonably defended against. However, we might call it an appeal to popularity, since a given appeal to vague authority might reference a popular objection.
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    A 'directing' question is A leading question....'vague source' is a dubious/questionable question, as for creating a subtext that the answer will not cure, probably a mis-leading question....but this is approaching, or is, law......
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    thx guys

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    Phbbt! :tongue:
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    A dodge...!
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    Sounds like connotation :wink:
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    Question: How do you know when a lawyer is telling a lie?

    Answer: When he opens his mouth.
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    You know how copper wire was invented?

    A couple lawers were fighting over a penny.
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    Hello everyone.This is my first post on a forum like this and I'm sure glad that I found it.I enjoy debating subjective ideas because none of us can be wrong.
    The right and wrong atmosphere of my day job gets old.Discussing ideas and opinions is what I enjoy.Hope to learn from y'all and I will post my .02 cents occaisionally.
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    WELCOME humbucker!!!
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