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I What is the formula for gas propane conversion?

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    Is this answer is proper?
    Propane is a natural component of natural gas and is removed during the refining process. Most gas appliances can be converted from one fuel to the other by changing the burners on a stove or changing or adjusting a gas regulator located inside the appliance according to manufacturer's directions.

    When I searched for the solution, this statement I come across. Do anyone guide me to find formula.
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    What formula?
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    If natural gas to propane conversion is done incorrectly, extremely dangerous (potentially fatal) levels of carbon monoxide will be produced by the appliance.

    Conversion involves several appliance-specific considerations (e.g. combustion air requirements, pressure settings and burner injector sizes).

    To ensure safety would require the appliance manufacturer to acknowledge that such a conversion is permitted. The manufacturer must provide the specific method and all suitable parts for the conversion. There is no safe, generic method of conversion.

    Furthermore, the work should only be undertaken by a competent individual. There would need to be a commissioning of the appliance, which would require specialist test equipment and knowledge.

    Natural gas and propane may be derived from the same source but they are very different fuels.
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