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Homework Help: What is the wavelength of a 83 keV photon?

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    What is the wavelength of a 83 keV photon?

    does it matter whether or not you convert to eVs? or can it remain keV?

    i have it as 83000eVs=6.6E-34*3E8/lambda
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    Think about it. What is one of the things that the proportionality constant (Planck's constant in this case) does? Make the units work out. So it has to be the version of Planck's constant that is expressed in the right units to do so, not J*s in this case, but eV*s. Well, if it isn't, then convert it.

    Edit: Oh, that wasn't your question, but from the looks of it, it's a good thing I brought it up. Take a look at the constant you are using.
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    ya that helped ty

    wavelength is 4.99 E-20
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