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What is thinking, and why does people think ?

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    What is thinking, and why does people "think" ?

    How can it be that humans once started "thinking" ?

    What can "thinking" be used for ?

    How is thinking performed ? What can be thought of ?

    Is there different ways to perform "thinking" ?

    Is there any difference in quality in what way thinking is performed ?

    Is there any quality differences between "high quality thinking" and "bad level or bad quality thinking" ?

    Does thinking has some bad effects so that there might be reasons to avoid thinking ?

    If thinking should have some negative effecs or negative side effects, what could then be the suitable methods to avoid thinking ?
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    Hmm ..

    Nobody interested in this one .. ?? (Even though we do thinking all the time ..)

    I will then try to start up with one end of the question myself...

    Why did the development of thinking start up as a part of the develoment of the human being ?

    Well I guess that the earliest pre human beings they were not the fastest runners, they did not have the biggest mouth or the sharpest teeth, and they did not have the strongest bodies, so they needed something else to do the survival of the fittest.

    So they got themself an advanced control senter so they could do "thinking" to outsmart and kill animals. At the starting point of the "thinking develoment" it were only used primitive weapons like throwing stones. Later on "thinking" made more advanced weapons and "thinking" were also used for agriculture.

    So what thinking is from the historical it is a tool and a weapon.

    As the history of development went on the design of the "thinking human" apeared to be a successfull one, for the survival of the fittest.

    Today "thinking humans" have got control over most of the planet and even visited the moon.

    Today tools and weapons developed from "thinking" does not only count axes of stone and metall, but also modern war machines.

    So what thinking actually is from the beginning is a wapon for killing animals and other humans and a tool for manupulating the earth, where the CO2 problem is one of the results of "the applied thinking".

    One other result of the applied "thinking" is that animals and species thet were not that clever "thinkers" are now dying out.

    Is this correct, or are there arguments that "thinking" is something else in it's basic nature ?
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    Thinking and reasoning, planning ahead and so forth seem to have developed out of the need for accuracy and delicate interactions between lemurs in the lemur groups from which we evolved. Once we landed, as tree dwelling apes, on to the savana, and became savana dwelling apes we must have developed a far reach with our perceptions because we were vunerable as a species...... once out of the trees.

    So we used our heads. Our perceptive abilities became our best defence when it came to avoiding predators and herds of large animals. From this, I would think, our brains became the front line defence in our quest for survival. Especially with further developments like our losing bodily hair and our less speedy getaway gear..... namely bipedal motion. Once we lost the protective environment of height, our protective hairyness, our agility on four legs and with a tail, our larger teeth and so on and so forth we relied more and more on what our brain could come up with for heat (fire) protection (tools) etc.
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