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What is trans-2-pentene

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    can someone talk a bit about it cause i am confused about it

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    trans-2-pentene is [tex]C_5 H_{10}[/tex], and has a double bond between the 2nd and 3rd carbons. The methyl and ethyl groups are trans to one another across the double bond. The double bond is also a site of unsaturation.

    http://www.neath-porttalbot.gov.uk/images/environment/pollution/species/t2pe.gif [Broken] for trans-2-pentene :wink:

    From http://www.neath-porttalbot.gov.uk/html/environment/pollution/on-line/species/t2pe.html [Broken],

    "Trans-2-pentene is a polymerization inhibitor, a solvent and intermediate for the manufacture of petroleum resins and amyl alcohols.

    Its toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated but vapors are irritating to the respiratory tract. Coughing, laryngitis and shortness of breath may occur at high concentrations. Inhalation may also cause dizziness."

    Hope this helps :smile:

    Hmm...any particular feature or problem? More specifically, how does trans-2-pentene trouble you?
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    um i to be more specific i mean like the environmental? issues to the environement

    it might be the lake and the poison to the fish but i am not sure

    any help? >.>
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