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What makes effective UV - proof clothing?

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    I am 67 and three years ago I was diagnosed with uv aggravated eczema. The doctors recommend wearing close woven fabrics to block uv but i find they don't really cut the mustard. my idea is to sew a lining into the back (where most irritation occurs) of a lightweight jacket and insert a sheet of aluminium foil to block the uv. What do you think? i would be extremely grateful for some feedback or do you have any more ideas?
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    Quite a number of manufacturers specifically make clothing for this purpose, unsurprisingly it's popular in Australia,
    but densely woven fabrics, preferably black should do a fairly good job.
    I think your aluminium foil idea might not be practical as it tears very easy and you would likely get fed up with continually having to replace it.
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    thankyou for your reply. i appreciate the point about tearing but i'm hoping that if i put it in a loose fitting pocket it will survive an outing, besides i'm desperate. yes the hospital said i should choose black will search for aussie stuff.
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    Have you tried simply putting on another layer of clothing? Perhaps a thin undershirt that breathes? Also remember to wear a hat, preferably one with a brim all the way around.
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    Clothes made of "space blanket" would be very noisy : you'd be guilty of rustling :¬)

    Here's some USA links for UV proof clothing ... http://www.lupusmctd.com/index.php?topic=3253.0;prev_next=prev [old 2006]

    Black is not necessarily better at blocking UV than other colours : window-glass blocks UV , but is transparent to visible light, (rather than opaque black), i.e. the UV transmission properties of a material are not necessarily the same as its visible-light properties.
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    e.g. You can get "tan-through" clothing, which admits UV, some of which is black ... http://www.tanthrough.com/index.htm

    If black is better at blocking UV she's gonna get a zebra-stripe tan :¬)

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    How about leather, tightest weave out there. A vest would not be a terrible fashion statement.
    And while leather is hard to test in UV blocking ability you could go for the extra safety of applying a bit of SPF cream to it, as it would not be washed away easily like on our skin.
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    You can get UV-blocking Swim Shirts:

    http://www.swimoutlet.com/rash-guards-c11705/ [Broken]
    UV-Blocking Swim Shirt.jpg
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