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What makes physics interesting to physica majors?

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    What makes physics interesting to physics majors (ik this is kind of general)? Also how could I get interested into physics.
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    When you learn physics then you just don't learn some rules and regulations but you become aware of your existence. You even question about it. You see, when we ask frequently about something then we start to know many hidden qualities of it even succeeded to evolve. Physics is the heart of everything. Is not it beautiful learning the basic, improving it and appying it to help the human civilization? If phusics doesn't attract you then we can't force you to study. But if you eager to answer the question of "why" then you have to study physics. Philosophy is the part of physics. So, take deep breathe and ask what do you want. An average life or a rough but thrilling life? Choice is yours and resources are ours!
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    where do I start learning about physics :eek:
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    Look, it is not the real question. First you have to decide whether you really want to study physics or not. Then you have to answer why you chose physics, what made you to come here. If you answer these questions to yourself then you will get every questions answer. We are not forcing you to study physics, are we? So, why are you talking like nuts? You are here not to ask some rubbish, be specific and make your self worthy of this community. Sorry to be rude but it is the reality. Hope you will understand my words this time.
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    ok thanks;p - I thoughts physics seemed interesting considering its relationship to physical interactions like how things move/reactions etc.. ?
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    You really are a nuts! Be serious ok and don't waste your time like this.....
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    Well, if you really want to get RIGHT into it, then halliday and resnick fundamentals of physics book would be a good place to start. But if your not an ace in your math background, then I recommend starting from books for beginners. Because Physics needs a good understanding of mathematics: I recommend these books:

    Schaums college algebra
    Schaums basic mathematics with applications to science and technology

    And the for dummies series is good too,

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