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What math subjects are the main focus in a math degree

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    Hey Everyone

    just wanted to know what topics are assumed knowledge in a math degree.
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    Seriously, a quick google of any local university will show you the degree requirements for any field.
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    Hey c3der and welcome to the forums.

    For a standard math degree good marks in your high school math subjects along with a prerequisite total score (ATAR in Australia, SAT or equivalent in the states I think) and possibly decent enough marks in English.

    For the advanced math degrees you will need a very very high mark in your high school mathematics subjects and you have to do the highest level of maths and ace it. You also need a really really high total score.

    Aside from that, in regards to the math component of the degree, there should be no other prerequisites.

    Typically many places offer bridging courses if you don't have the background (like if you dropped out of school or didn't choose the right subjects).

    Apart from that, as a general rule, nothing else should be assumed as far as I know, but always check your university website for clarification.
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