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What species was mitochondrial Eve Mother

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    While reading this http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/journey/eve.html

    I was wondering what species mitochondrial Eve mother was I assume she would have been Archaic Homo Sapien?

    Same question about Y Chromosome Adam Father.


    Or could have Y Chromosome Adam mated with an Archaic Homo Sapien female or visa versa.

    I found this site which I found very interesting http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/journey/

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    Humans did not descend from a single breeding pair. A relatively large group speciated from our non-homo sapien ancestors. There were a few times homo sapiens underwent a massive die-off / genetic bottleneck and were down to a hundreds or thousands of breeding individuals. I do not believe that homo sapiens ever had only a single example of a mitocondrial genome or y-chromosome genome. The "Mitocondrial Eve" is a statistical end point to work back from a number of mutated mitocondrial genomes to estimate a date when a number of individuals of a species started branching / genetically diverging.
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    Given the evidence of genetic interaction with Homo Neanderthalis, I'd agree with you Jim1138. One has to wonder how often throughout our history a line has diverged, evolved, then was recombined with the original line, later. It's certainly happening all over the world today, though technically we're not different species. We're merely evolved some different traits better suited to our ancestral environments. But most of the differentiation has occurred in the last 100,000 years, yet the latest surge of reintegration is occurring only in the last 50 years. One has to wonder about historical exploits such as the Vikings, Romans, Alexander the Great, and Ghengis Khan. Lots of long-separated traits were reintegrated into the different tribes/sects of our species.
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