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What subjects to choose in final year

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    Hi there,
    First post on this forum. I'm deciding which subjects to choose for my final year in mechanical eng (MEng) and need some advice regarding which subjects to choose from the list given below. Please note that I'm interested in pursuing a career either in oil n gas industry or the automobile industry so i'd like any help to consider what subjects employers in the respective fields might prefer. Now I've also heard that employers don't actually care abt wt subjects u take and if that's the case then can I pls know which subjects might be best suited for the repective fields so that I can actually benefit from having chosen them once I'm employed!
    Advanced Forming and Fracture (AFF)
    Advanced Stress Analysis (ASA)
    Advanced Control (CNTL )
    Advanced Vibration Engineering (AVE)
    Combustion (CMB)
    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    Finite Element Analysis and Applications (FEAA)
    Interfacing and Data Processing (NDP)

    Thank you,
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    It really doesn't matter what you take as there are jobs for every single skill set out there.

    The most sound advice you can get is: Do what you enjoy.
    The pragmatic advice is: If you need some good marks (to get a higher classification or whatever), do something you think is easy.
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