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What to expect at internship interview

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post but I hope someone with knowledge in this area could give me som pointers!! I'm a 4th year Aeronautical Engineering student, and i have been invited to an interview for a summer placement internship. I'm just wondering what sort of things go on at these interviews/assessment days? Also, when i applied to the company i had to apply for 3 areas and rank them in order of preference...the area i got the interview for was Systems Design...i'm just a bit nervous incase they ask very technical questions on systems/component design as it seems quite avionics/electrical based which I don't really have a very strong knowledge of. But then...they have reviewed my application and what classes i have completed in the past so surely they know this already?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Since you are a undergraduate student they know you probably don't have any in debt knowledge about system design etc. They are probably looking for attitude, adaptability, general knowledge, how well you work with other people. I cannot stress the last part enough. I did and internship together with someone and he did very similar work yet he sat behind his computer with his headset (ipod) on and didn't communicate with other people. At the end of the summer people had very negative feelings about him for being socially "inept". Make sure that a lot of people get to know you and have a positive feeling about you. Also try to radiate confidence in what you want to accomplish, and don't be afraid to ask questions just don't try to ask the same question twice.
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