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What would be some creative ways to make a black hole?

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    The purpose of this thread is to hear some of the creative and interesting ideas anyone can share on creating and maintaining a micro black hole and say eventually using it as a power source.
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    The trouble with micro black holes is they don't last long enough to have much utility. A black hole of one million kg would only last about 1 minute before it evaporated, but, would give new meaning to the phrase 'smoking hot'.
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    Yes but if we could some how sustain it and 'feed' it to make it grow sort speak we might be able to use it as an unlimited power source. Maybe even build a starship around it and channel its gravitational effects so we can manipulate space-time and transverse the galaxy. Maybe even the universe itself. I know it sounds crazy but....
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    How can a black hole be used as an infinite power source if you have to continuously "re-fuel" it by giving it more mass?
    An electrical generator can be an infinite power source as long as I keep inputting coal.
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    Well once we have our first black hole depending on its mass we could use it to make other black holes in a kind of factory system. The bigger the mass the better black holes we could make and so forth. Eventually once we have perfected our manufacturing we might even be able to pull off a rotating black hole of sufficent macroscopic size provided we have a proper containment system ofcourse. This will probably require some new laws of physics, but still fascinating none the less.
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    New laws of physics? Not exactly possible.
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    Please reread the PF Rules on "Overly Speculative Posts". I'm not going to close the thread right away, but if it continues down this path, it will have to be closed.
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    Making up random ideas with random words you heard on tv or in a popular science text is not fascinating. I could just as well say "We could put our Sun into a turbine, turn gravity off, boil off extra water from our oceans and power the Earth forever. This will require new laws of physics, but is still fascinating none the less".

    Fascinating? No. Gibberish? Yes
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    +1 on that
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    Exactly how am I making up random ideas or words? I realize its an extreme idea but isn't that what this forum is for? To postulate ideas, theories, and visions of the future? And when I said "this will require new laws of physics", I should have said an expansion of the laws of physics. There is still a lot we don't know about black holes and most of it goes beyond our current understanding and technological capability. I apologize if I tried to make anybody think. From now on I'll just copy, paste, and edit stuff from google like everybody else.
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    How will you make more black holes in this factory? How will increasing the mass of the starting black hole help create 'better' black holes? How will you channel it's gravitational effects to build a starship?
    If this is based on theory with reasoning then explain these processes. It just sounds like you're speculating, that's not how science works. If you want to put forth you're ideas and theories then give something to back them up. Google is one place you can cite references (or find them), you can also refer to books to or your own research and findings(though it being peer reviewed will increase its credibility).
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    Despite the perhaps over-speculative nature of the post, see this article, the arXiv preprint is available, but it does not seem to have been published.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Can't say you weren't warned.
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