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What would be the out of Interp1?

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    Hello guys,

    If i run the following command

    y = interp([1:5 4:9], 1:11, 4);

    what would be the output of the same, and what does it mean?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Code (Text):
    > y = interp([1:5 4:9], 1:11, 4)
    error: `interp' undefined near line 92 column 5
    error: evaluating assignment expression near line 92, column 3
    ... does not exist in gnu octave. How about interp1()?
    Code (Text):
    > y = interp1([1:5 4:9], 1:11, 4)
    y =  6
    ... which would be the last value calculated for x.
    Put Y=11:-1:1 and it gives you

    Find out what it means from the help file:
    Code (Text):
    > help interp1
    -- Function File: YI = interp1 (X, Y, XI)
         One-dimensional interpolation. Interpolate Y, defined at the
         points X, at the points XI. The sample points X must be strictly
         monotonic. If Y is an array, treat the columns of Y separately.
    ... or hunt down the function m-file.
    ... or just plot Y vs X and see where XI,YI compare.

    Presumably you mean - "how does the interpolation function handle the case where the input vectors do not represent a function?"
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    As mentioned in the help:

    "The sample points X must be strictly monotonic."

    interp1([1:5 4:9], 1:11, 4)

    should give an error because x ([1:5 4:9]) is not strictly monotonic here, it doesn't have distinct values. Isn't it?
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