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What would cause a person to stop dreaming or not remeber dreams?

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    what would cause a person to stop dreaming or not remeber dreams? I haven't dreampt or remebered any dreams for years now.
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    Melatonin can help take some Midnite supplements and you might even have some lucid dreams.
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    Everyone dreams, but some people sleep so heavily that they don't remember their dreams. The dreams that are most likely to be remembered are those when you are in light sleep and about to wake. Other times when you are abruptly awakened from deep REM sleep. I tend to sleep very lightly, waking up frequently, therefor I have long lists of dreams every night or the ability to continue a single dream if I prefer.
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    As well you should, with that cute little doggie lying in wait at the foot of your bed. :tongue2:
    Of course, those who never experienced Franzbear will have no idea what that's about. :devil:
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    I'm the same way...er sorta. I can tell I have some crazy thoughts and crazy dreams while I'm sleeping, but the moment I wake up they're instantly gone and there's nothing that can bring them back (maybe a slight case of deja vu?) I consider it lucky if I have a dream I can clearly remember.
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    Restricting your sleep will stop you from remembering dreams. Most of the dreams you remember are the ones just before you wake up.
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