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What's the most you've cancelled an appointment

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    I recently cancelled a dental appointment for the third time (and post-poned about 30 days).

    It was pretty embarrassing to have to do that and yet the staff were super gracious and didn't even charge me the cancellation fee.

    I'm also a serial cancel-er. Stuff changes by the time of my appointments with people and I'm always changing the dates a few days before. Is that normal?
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    I think it is common, but not normal.
    Coincidentally, I have a doctors appt this morning. One that my doctor's office has cancelled three times. But this time, it's only 2 hours away and they still haven't cancelled it.
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    I try my best not to cancel plans unless it's very legitimate. It uncomfortable for me.
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    In all honesty, I sympathize with you. I have had this problem myself for a long time, but I've gotten much better at it recently. A big part of the reason is that, at my new job, the lab director is very strict on people showing up for the lab meeting and being on time. As you can relate to, for decades past, I was always the one showing up 20 minutes late, calling in and canceling with some lame excuse, or probably most often just not showing up at all and not being apologetic about it.

    I like it better now, though, that I have some responsibility and some project that I love to hold me accountable. At the end of the day, you may find a way out of tardiness by being forced into it as I was, but the better route is to get ahead of it and try to make it a principle of character. It shows good character to show up on time or even early and it shows bad character to show up late (unless it's fashionably late as in a cocktail party, but that's a different subject) :biggrin:

    As far as dental, medical, spa treatment appointments, etc. It's the same thing. They've gotten used to flakes so they are good accounting for this and putting on a brave face. But again, as I stated above, the real issue is the tax to your self esteem that matters, not really the $50 or whatever cancellation fee, etc. Greg's post kind of alludes to this.
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    Yes. The same idea holds for meetings. If you consistently show up late to meetings, the implied message is that your time is more important than that of the other people who showed up on time, and who have to wait for you.
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