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When a username has a strikethrough, does that mean they are banned?

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    i notice some posts with users who's name have a strikethrough through them. does that mean they are banned from the site?
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    correct. both temp and perm
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    being banned sucks. is there an appeals' process or once you get banned, its all over. :devil:
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    Just remember if you do get banned, you will be damned for all eternity to walk the depths of hell with a burden of 100 stones.
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    At the risk of contradicting our Lord and Master, it also applies to those who have asked to be deleted from the site - slightly different from banning.

    Usually bannings for first-time infractions are temporary. I don't think it's often that members are permanently banned without previous warnings or temporary bans - unless it's obvious they're just here to troll.
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    We do have a "ban on sight" policy for obvious spammers, e.g. someone registers and then immediately posts something like "sell world-brand laptop,printer,headphone etc", or something that on first sight looks like an empty-headed response to a thread but on closer inspection contains links to sites that are selling stuff.

    Otherwise we ban only after repeated warnings and/or infraction points.
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    funny :rofl:

    haha, you said "damned", "eternity", and "hell" in the same sentence. Busted! [STRIKE]MotoH[/STRIKE]
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