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When should I do my second degree?

  1. Aug 26, 2014 #1
    I am currently doing my bachelor's degree in Physics and my elective subjects are most of the mathematics subjects needed to complete a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. All I basically need is one first year statistics course.

    The thing is that I am unsure if I should choose my subjects for third year in such a way that I complete both degrees at the same time. If I do I would be missing out on some of the mathematics that I really want to take (mathematics that would benefit me in physics but that is not core modules for mathematics).

    If I do rather take the mathematics courses I want to take I shall have one First year and 2 third year subjects outstanding for a degree in mathematics. I am not worried about doing the work, as I love mathematics possibly more than physics, I am just unsure about how it will fit into my studies.

    Will it be possible to do those subjects while I am busy with my honors degree in physics? Should I rather take the year after my Bachelor's in Physics to do my Mathematics degree, and only then do my honors? Should I perhaps apply for an extended degree so that I can take all the subjects that I need an want to take for my two degrees?

    I am a bit lost on this and any advise on which path I should take in continuing my studies will be greatly appreciated

    -The Golden One
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    There is no ideal here.
    It is hard to judge for you - honors tends to be pretty intense, ask anyone, but you are already doing two degrees so maybe the workload of taking undergrad papers and honors may not be daunting for you. Whichever way you go, it looks like you won't have a life ;)

    Best advise, I'm afraid, is to talk to someone at your college - the person responsible for the honors program would probably be best. If you have a good relationship with a prof, ask them. They'll know you and the college and will be able to look at your transcript.
  4. Aug 26, 2014 #3
    My university required me to graduate with both my diplomas at the same time....check that this may or may not be the case for you. Contact the registrar.
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