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Studying Where is good for studying statistical physics?

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    Maybe this is the first post I enroll.(I wanted to change my id because I am not expert actually but I don't know how to change my id.)
    Anyway the main points of this post are as follows:
    Hello, I am an undergraduate student in Asia. Soon I have to apply for graduate, but I have no idea. I want to go college located in America. Currently, I am interested in statistical physics and complex system. I tried to find the college which have the information about that but I could see not much.(Actually I think biophysics is similar to that for some colleges but have no idea.) Could you explain me about further information about admission or statistical physics?
    Furthermore, I currently knew that there are 2 ways to apply graduate. Without M.S.(Directly) or with M.S. Which course is better?(I am not sure that but I saw that most of colleges are former case. is that right?)

    Hmm.. Sorry for low-level English post(I am poor at English yet)

    Thanks in advance
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    Not to be rude, but in order to attend a graduate school in America you need to pass an English examination to prove you are fluent in the language. After reading your post I'm not so sure you would pass it...

    As for your statistical physics interests I am unaware of any school that specifically has a strength in statistical physics. I'm sure any reputable graduate school for physics would be appropriate.
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    Stat Mech is a core course taken at all the Physics Departments that offer graduate degrees. There is no research in statistical Physics, except maybe from a Mathematical Physics point of view.

    Statistical Physics is indispensable in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Plasma Physics, Biophysics and other fields that operate with a large number of identical particles. It has even proven as an essential tool in Astrophysics for modeling celestial objects and Cosmology for modeling the Big Bang Universe.
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    Thanks for advice both I should study English first well..(I always realized it but not so impressed)
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