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News Where is our super secret Surveillance System When We Need It

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    This clip indicates that the threatening extortion calls that have been received recently by a number of large retail stores are coming form Portugal.

    If this was an ominous security threat it would already be too late. Luckily there were no explosive devices found. But that is irrelevant to the fact that it is has been four days since the first calls and our 7$ billion dollar surveillance system isn't working.


    The perpetrators probably will be caught, but to catch them this far after the fact isn't good enough.
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    I don't think omniscience was ever a realistically-considered goal.
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    I think you've been watching too much tv if you think that an international call can be quickly traced if there was no pre-existing trace on the line.
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    The "gee whiz" factor raises its ugly head. It's a whole lot easier to filter and intercept emails with key-words (damned easy, in fact) than it is to determine which circuits to monitor and filter analog signals comprised of peoples' voices, and tease information out of the conversations based on inflection, emphasis, etc.
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    According to Fox news there have now been 24 calls to 17 states. The first was on Wednesday Edit: Make that Tuesday morning.
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