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Where to buy almdudler in the states?

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    Anyone know what store carries the austrian drink almdudler? I tried whole foods and some specialty stores with no success.
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    I don't see anything that would indicate that Almdudler is imported into the US, although Real Soda in California might have it.
    3171 Fujita Street
    Torrance, CA 90505
    (310) 326-9202

    They list Almdudler Limonade - www.realsoda.com/2006NEWLIST.pdf[/URL]

    And - [PLAIN]http://www.sodapopstop.com/products/detail.cfm?link=311 [Broken]

    But that's apparently not the original Almdudler.

    http://www.almdudler.com/english2/kontakt/international.htm [Broken]

    Gee, Greg - this may be another potential sideline. :biggrin:
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    There is a beverage importer at:

    http://www.sodaking.com/index.php?cPath=74&sort=3a&filter_id= [Broken]

    You can buy almdudler online for $2.99 per bottle.
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    woohoo! shipping costs are aweful though!
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    LOL never buy a wooden wagon wheel on ebay.:wink:
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    GermanDeli has it - and it is on sale right now.
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