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Which fermions are chiral besides neutrinos?

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    Wen local bosonic emergent string net model states he can give rise to electrons and photons, quarks and gluons but not chiral fermions.

    I know neutrinos are chiral. Any other fermions?

    If he can provide an explanation for masses and mixing angles for all SM particles except neutrinos, I'd say his model is off to a good start.
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    To my knowledge, all fermions are chiral because all fermions participate in weak interaction, which only couples to one chirality.
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    So why does Wen state he can give rise to electrons and quarks using string net condensation, but not neutrinos b/c neutrinos are chiral?
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    Beats me. Ask Wen :) Maybe he has a different non-standard definition of 'chiral'.
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    So if all fermions are chiral, does a left-handed electron or quark interact differently through the weak force than a right-handed electron?
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