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Homework Help: Who can solve these 2 questions ?

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    who can solve these 2 questions ??

    1. A 60kg astrounaut floating is space simutaneously tosses away a 14kg oxygen tank and a 5.8kg camera.the tank moves in the x direction at 1.6m/s,and the astraut recoils at 0.85m/s in a direction 200 degree counterclockwise from the x axis.find the velocity of the camera.(system of particles problem)

    2. A 400 mg popcorn karnel is skittering across a nonstick frying pan at 8.2 cm/s when it pops and breaks into two equal mass pieces.if one piece ends up at rest how much energy was released in the popping?
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    Well, I'm sure I could, but that wouldn't help you would it? It's also against the rules of the forum to help out with homework questions before you show some work. So, what have you done thus far?
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    well,the problem is that i have kinda no idaea where to start or what to do,i know that i have to break down the force and work for it on x component and y component and the formula i came up with is m1v1+m2v2=(m1+m2)vf,
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    Then you DO know where to start! Find the x and y components of each velocity vector.

    By the way, I'm going to move this to the physics homework area. I think it will get better response there.
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