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Who does or sees an experiment on rectangluar potential barrier?

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    In QM textbook, there is the solution of shroedinger Eq. on the rectangular potential barrier.
    The reflection rate can be caculated in each case, E>V0, E=V0 and E<V0.

    But, I can't find the experiment on the rectangular potential barrier anywhere.

    Is there anybody who does or sees such an experiment?

    If you did, Contact me. mrhun@hanmail.net.
    I want to listen to that experiment in detail.

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    Perfect rectangular potentials are not possible in real experiments, but experiments with some other potential barrier shapes have been done. Radioactive alpha decays are a natural example of those experiments.
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    Thanks for your answer.
    As you say, Radioactive alpha decay is good example.

    But, The thing I want to say is about the expeirment by using the potential made by human.
    I know that alpha decay is occured by the potential which is made by nature, not human.

    I want to know how the reflection rate will be changed when the width of potential barrier increases in the real experiment.

    Did you see such an experiment?

    I want to do such an experiment.
    I want to find some experimentalists who have the interest in that experiment.

    Do you know some?

    If I have good luck, I hope to find some experimentalists in the universities in Europe, America and Asia.

    MIT, Harvard, princeton, cambridge, Max plank institute, Tokyo, Hongkong and etc.

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