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I Why 2 vectors are not the same in matlab?

  1. May 17, 2017 #1
    I have 2 vectors:

    a = 1.0e-04*[0.110000000000000 0.140000000000000 0.140000000000000 0.140000000000000];
    b = [0.000011000000000 0.000014000000000 0.000014000000000 0.000014000000000];

    by look at by eyes, it seems similar; but when I use this command:

    a == b

    then I got:

    ans =
    1×4 logical array
    0 0 0 0

    The expectation is:

    ans =
    1×4 logical array
    1 1 1 1

    Does anyone knows what wrong with this command in the matlab?

    Thank you.
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    Rounding error? What happens if you show the values of the a vector after the multiplication is done? Can you try a shift right by 4 places instead of using the multiplication?
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    It's possible that after multiplying each element of a by 10^(-4), what is actually stored in a is slightly different from the numbers stored in b. For example, the first element of a might be something like 0.000011000000002 .
    Floating point arithmetic is notorious in this way. Some decimal value are stored exactly, such as 2.5, .75, but others, such as 0.1 are stored in only an approximate form.
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    @berkeman: if I shift right by 4 places instead of using the multiplication, I will have what I want, that is vector [1 1 1 1], that is no surprise, but the thing I am working on is very small number (in nano values 1e-9) and sometime matlab gives me a vector, example: a = 1.0e-04*[ 1 1 1 1] and sometimes a = [0.0001000000 , 0.0001000000, 0.0001000000, 0.0001000000] , that make me confuse and also think about very small numbers are exist (maybe in pico)
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    @Mark44: that could be, i am happy if some very small decimal number exist (my expectation in nano or pico values) but is there any way to detect them (if they are exist), even I used command format long and still do not see any change.
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    Code (Text):
    >> a - b
    Also, the MATLAB documentation suggests (under 'eq, ==') a way that avoids the problem when trying to compare floating point numbers:
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