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Why am I who I am, and not someone else?

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    Why am I who I am, and not someone else, like say, Bill Gates?
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    That is the equivalent of saying "why does green have the attributes of green, and not the attributes of another color."
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    Because Bill Gates got there first?
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    Your mother and I have always wondered whether to tell you this, but it looks like now we have to.

    You *are* someone else.
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    :rofl: Maybe you will get an invite to dinner after all. Maybe. Bring alaskan king crab legs, LOTS of them.
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    you are who you are because you view the world through your reality tunnel. this concept was brought to the mainstream by the 20th century satirist Robert Anton Wilson.
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    Eh, if this was possible, where would it stop? Wouldn't you be anyone and everyone? Because there isn't a limit imposed on the idea that you would be "someone else."
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