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Why do I plot certain Raman against the wavenumber

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    I am currently writing my Bachelorthesis about Raman spectroscopy. For measurement with a 785 nm Laser I plot the Intensity against the Raman shift. But for measurements involving a 532 nm, I had so select the program (Spectrasuite) so display them against the "normal" wavenumber. Why is that?

    Thank you all in advance, really desperate here.

    Bonus question: Why do I measure a certain amount ( in my case 13) of spectra?
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    Wavevenumber is proportional to energy, so it is more natural to measure spectra in wavenumber instead of wavelength. Theory gives the energy levels and and absorption/emission is proportional to the difference of the energies between the levels the transition occurs.

    It is usual to measure something (the spectrum for example) several times, and average. The random errors, the noise of the spectrum diminishes this way.
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