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Why do some cells grow back very slowly?

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    Nerve and muscle tissue don't grow back much but epithelial cells in the skin grow very quickly. Why is that some tissues find it difficult to grow back and are replaced by fibrous scar tissue. Can't they do some mitosis and regrow? Thank you :smile:
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    Blob A could grow back skin cells quickly after a minor scratch, lived to reproduce and spread the ability to all the little baby blobs.

    Blob B had the ability to regrow spinal column cells, unfortunately the nerve damage was due to being bitten in half by big nasty blob C so the ability was no advantage.
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    Interesting but I have another opinion as well. May be because these cells are so specialized you can't directly reproduce them. Like a person with a lot of experience you can't just clone him but get experience from starting from square one. Stem cells can be used to start from square one.

    Anyway your idea seems right as well. :smile:
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    Olfactory neurons are continuously replaced throughout human life.
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