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Why do we want to win video games?

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    I have recently become rather addicted to this one game and I started to think... why do I want to win this game? It's one of these real time strategy games where a game will last about 4 hours to a few days depending on how much I play. At that point I wondered ... why do people take time out of their day to try to accomplish something that really has no meaning? Now thinking about this on a broader scale... why do people really want to accomplish anything like this? Racing against other people on the street, 'winning' arguments with people, getting higher scores on tests or assignments, winning competitions that have no prizes, etc etc.

    Give your opinions! The winning opinion wins nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even my respect.... which is worthless anyways.
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    There can be a number of reasons. People like to win at games to make themselves better than other people who play the same games. Or, perhaps some people like to be good at whatever they do. If games provide entertainment, why not become good at it through practice and enjoy the game even more? I know that when I play Madden NFL 2006 on Xbox, I like to be good so I can stay at the gameplay level of my friend so that our games are closer and more exciting. Also, people like to be successful in life. Don't you?
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    I am just a competitive, cocky, arrogant, mo-fo that needs to win at everything. I guess the key would be to use this to do something positive.
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    Well what I wonder is how people put tiem into something to be successful when it has no real bearing on life outside of whatever you're doing.
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    The video gaming industry is pretty important to a lot of people. Even though games don't have a real bearing on life, lots of time is spent on them. So why is that? It's fun and a form of entertainment that stimulates people's craving for competition and the use of their skills.
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    I'm starting to notice, however, that some of these games are like golf. 80% of the time you are just frusterated as hell tryen to win the game and its sooooo repetative in the end... ugh :P stupid games!
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    I don't care if I win, I just hate to lose. or tie. or come in second or third or forth
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    Because winning is like better than losing.

    ...you play to win
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    Because everyone likes to think they are special. By winning you get to say "I'm better than everyone else." Even if you only say it to yourself.
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    I play games for the challenge and as something to do. I play pool often and love the feeling when I whoop @$$ on a bunch of people I don't know. Playing for money is even better.
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    i play TEKKEN to fight virtual fight, and i and my friends used to talk about where we reached, how fast we won and all. my best one is tactical ops it has 2 teams you can be any one of those, and you are the leader but you cant control them, they fight a suicidal fight and you have to be the last man standing, or complete a task. i play it because i find it entertaining, it is addictive, like pot and there is no point in asking a pot head why s/he likes pot.
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    Because it makes my feel good... Aw yeah...
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    To begin with its just for fun, but after you've been shot in the head by the same man and forced to start over 16 times its war :grumpy:
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