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Where do physics and game theory meet?

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    This is going to sound really strange, but I don't want to have this question inside of me and never ask it. I love business/economics/game theory. However, the subject I've studied the most in my life at this point is physics. The question of what I want to write about for my PhD thesis is coming up and I have no ideas.

    Has anyone ever heard about a middle ground between physics and game theory/economics? I know it's a huge stretch, but please be considerate. I'm feel completely lost in life but I'm a firm believer that one should not allow an ego to ruin decision making. Therefore, I want to get a lot of opinions, even if people think the questions I ask are strange.
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    Sigh. Have you even tried googling for "applications of game theory in physics"?
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    There is a field called econophysics. Established mainstream economists seem to be critical about it, but it may be a starting point for exploration.
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    I think these are differential games. I looked into the book by Isaacs once, but I do not know how relevant that still it. The OP can easily find more up-to-date references, though.
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