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Why don’t planet hunters find black holes?

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    Over 200 planets have been discovered by the radial velocity technique. Why no black holes? For similar periods, the signal amplitude should be much greater.
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    I'm no expert in this area, but I believe that such systems (a star orbiting a black hole) would inevitably become what are known as "X-ray binaries", as matter is drawn from the star into a hot X-ray-emitting accretion disc around the black hole. The stellar spectral lines in such systems are indeed subject to enormous periodic Doppler shifts. I'm not sure how X-ray binaries are normally discovered though...
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    BHs are not nearly as common as planets
    while they would really bounce a star's orbit
    just looking for X-rays is a more common way to find them

    V4641 Sgr is 1600 light years away at the closest found
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