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Why graviton particle theory concept is not accepted?

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    is graviton does really exist?
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    Not currently known, there is no experimental support for the graviton at this time. On the other hand, General Relativity (which does not postulate gravitons) is a successful theory.
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    A better question would be why would a graviton particle theory be accepted. There is no direct evidence for gravitational waves, much less gravitons, so why would their existence be accepted?
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    Well, since Quantum Field Theories were really effiecient in describing the other 3 interactions, people hope it can be used for gravitation as well, that's why graviton is hoped to exist.

    Postulating the existence of such a particle will also give Newton's 1/r law in the classical limit(just like GR), which is a good thing, but... There are problems with incorporating gravitons to the Standard Model of praticle physics, so this is kind of one frontier of theoretical(and mathematical) physics...
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