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Why is everyones former life good

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    Every person who has said to me they had a former life it is always something grand,a prince or a chief .Nobody was ever the local pedofile or vegetable or village idiot.
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    A rhetorical question I presume. Sort of answers itself for any rational person.

    Actually, I have a similar take on the issue in a different forum: Why do films depict the last few centuries as wonderfully romantic? "Wouldn't it be nice to live in the Victorian era? All those beautiful clothes, opera outings and carriage rides?"

    Yeah, well for every Tara, there's ten sweatshops...
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    bunch of pessimists

    ...still waiting for my rider to throw his coat over this puddle :tongue2:
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    Thats true isnt it if you cant have a life just make one up.Some people I am friends with here in Sydney Australia say they were native Americans in the last life,one was a chief.
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    NOt everybody, in one of my former lives I carried a musket for Wellington, died in the mud marching to Waterloo.

    In another I carried a Bow at Agincourt.

    Well any way I had ancestors in the places where they may have done something like that! :rofl:
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    My Aunt spent a lot of time researching the family tree because all her Kennitcut friends had Irish or Scottish ancestors and she wanted to boast about her family. We were proud to inform her that she was 100% East End Docker, although a number of the family travelled to Australia.... under duress.... :-)
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    Heh, I've noticed that too. And not only with the "past lives" deal, but also other strange things like astrology. The stars always seem to have a bright future in store for you; the alignment of Mercury never suggests that you'll fail out of college and spend the rest of your life as a bum. Perhaps it's just that when you detach supernatural beliefs from some sort of religious orthodoxy (which provide a measure of reason), people can make up whatever stuff they want. And no one likes a pessimist, so who wouldn't say that they were filthy rich in their last life?

    On the other hand, maybe I'm overanalyzing it. :confused:
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    Absolutely right. But still, it's self understood, since most people who could believe in such trash are actually village idiots, so it's normal that they 'want' to be princes, chiefs, or whatever in their former lives. :tongue:
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    In my 20th pre-incarnation, I was an evil, intriguing maid.
    I envied the landed classes for their wealth, and seduced the laird's son, who got me pregnant, just as I had hoped. Unfortunately, I was also very stupid, and he didn't want to marry me after all. I died in child birth.
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    In my former life, I was an unidentifiable boson. How sad is that?

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    Because they're making it up?
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    Basically the whole process of regressing to past lives requires hypnotism, whilst in the state you are very suggestible and detached from reality, given the question: who were you in a previous life or, leading questions to that effect what would you imagine? Leonidas King of the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae;A courtesan to Louis the XIV; or Joe miller, village paedophile, hung for the crimes of rape and child murder in 1872? Or Edwina Scayse, local midwife, hung for the crime of witchcraft and sedition in 1662. No contest really is it?
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    Who's going to pay money to find out that they used to be Hitler?
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    You're kidding right, if someone signed a document saying I was Hitler in a former life it would explain everything about my life up to now, kharma :wink: :rofl:
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    Ah-ha! Unfalsifiable scientific proof of karma! Kings will be idiots and idiots will be kings. ...we just need to tweak the numbers a bit because, well, there have been so many more idiots than kings...

    Old Joke: I don't believe in reincarnation and I didn't believe it in my previous lives either.
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    Chi Meson

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    Ew! Integer spin boy!:yuck:
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    On a rather sad note, one of the Evo child's best friends was told by a "medium" that he has always died in a previous life before the age of 21 in the military.

    His parents have millions and he has been a burden to them and they sent him off to a military boarding school at the age of 14. I gave him a long distance credit card so he could call us from there.

    Because of this "psychic" he feels dying in the military before age 21 is his destiny, so he has joined the marines and will be in Iraq in a couple of weeks. He told me he named his rifle after me.

    I am devastated.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Not that I believe in this stuff, but if you were a vegetable in a past life, you probably wouldn't remember much, and it you were a pedofile or the village idiot, you would probably lie about it.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One would think that even someone who believes them self to be a genuine psychic would refrain telling something like this to a young person.
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    This is so brilliant, I think it's worth rewriting history so that this thread simply goes thus:

    Q: Every person who has said to me they had a former life it is always something grand,a prince or a chief .Nobody was ever the local pedofile or vegetable or village idiot.

    A: Because, based on their gullibility, it is obvious that they are the village idiot in this life.

    -Thread closed-
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