Why is it that we can say: MITOSIS = CELLULAR IMMORTALITY?

  1. Why exactly might mitosis be though of as cellular immortality?
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    What is the context of your question? Is it for schoolwork?
  4. berkeman, i got the answer, now I am just confused on why and how protein synthesis may occur in the S phase. My teacher was explaining how protein synthesis and DNA replication may both occur at the same time, but I kind of forgot hearing why and how....
  5. Question about DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis

    How and why is it that protein synthesis may occur at the same time as DNA replication in the cell; in the S phase.?

    I know this is true for sure because I heard my teacher say so; however, I forgot hearing her saying why and how...
    So If someone may please explain, I'd really appreciate it :D
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  6. Re: Question about DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis

    What makes you think that this cannot happen? Remember that DNA is not directly involved in the translation process.
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