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Why is our society the way it is?

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    I am asking a very vague question here but I've been pondering about it lately.

    Why is our society like this? As in, why does our society has criminals, why do we have social hierarchy, why do we try to gain power and fame etc. (and lots of other things)

    I cannot help but think about all this from a scientific point of view. Does having a social ladder beneficial in an evolutionary point of view? Has power and fame anything to do with it?

    I am not sure what I am asking here, but basically what I want to know is: Instead of a simple society where everyone shares resources, live and reproduce, why are we living in such a complicated society? Hope I make sense.
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    I think you are asking for at the very least a full series of college-level courses to even begin to get any solid answers to all of that. I think that's probably a bit much for someone to type in here.
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    Whole university sociology departments exist to study this question. I don't think you're going to get a very good answer in a single message.
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    For this question I'd advice: Steven Pinker: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

    Executive summary: because civilizing process and Leviathan (powerful gov) has some far eliminated the most of crime and not all.

    Why social hierarchy or why exactly the one that we have? For the second: Francis Fukuyama: The Origins of Political Order.

    Rephrase the question: Does being on the top on social lader would be beneficial for you from evolutionary perspective? (I think that it such simpler question bring you answer :D )
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    personally, I'd like to take over cuba, transplant the locals, bring in my construction and build it into a self sustaining paradise (for the most part), bring in my version of the the 1% of the population that I like :D as I build the new world order.

    until that time arrives I guess i'll have to settle on changing minds the old fashion way, with trickery and fear lol.
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    As has been said this is far too broad a question.
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