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Why media is not a resource for Biology

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    jim mcnamara

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    This is a link to a comic page that changes daily. You want to look at the one for Wed Oct 3, 2007, which is when I'm posting this.

    The reason I put this up in Biology is because a lot of posts claiming something or another based on what was in the Washington Post or the Manchester Guardian routinely appear here in Biology. It ain't science solely because it's in the newpaper.

    Wikipedia sometimes has a problem like this - but it's because of spammers (can't think of a better word) gunking something up. Or because of a person posting his own point of view, one not shared by any other scientific researchers.

    Because of the 'fair and balanced' thing, what most researchers find ridiculous
    will get equal time with solid science. Joe TV watcher cannot tell the difference.
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