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Why no attribution to Bohm regarding holographic principles

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    As I have seen, David Bohm was the exponent of the Holographic Universe and also the so called Holomovement.

    When Leonard Susskind gave a holograohic Universe solution to the information paradox, he did not credit Bohm. Nor does Lee Smolin in his book Quantum Gravity credit Bohm for saying that there are no things only happenings (no nouns only verbs)- paper is papering etc.??
    Does any one know why?
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    Despite the similar names, I don't think Bohm's idea of "Holomovement" had anything at all to do with the modern idea of a holographic universe. I don't think anybody takes Bohm's interpretation of quantum mechanics seriously any longer, as it adds a number of features to the theory which add nothing whatsoever to its predictive power.
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    A quick skimming in wiki did not turn up any reasons why Bohm should be credited...but I did not read it all.....Seems Bohm's idea about brain function is related to holograpic ideas:


    Lots about him there..and some funny stuff like how he was barred from his own PHD thesis because it became classified....

    In the above section, "holomonic model" has more....
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    Because they are talking about two different things with confusingly similar names.

    Bohm's principle was that everything is connected with everything else. Smolin is quite the opposite, you can know everything about a location in space by looking at the surface.
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