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Why use strcmp instead of = ? [MATLAB]

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    If a user answers "yes", "Yes", "y", or "Y" to an input question, I want to enter the while loop. But when I tried to use

    user=input('blahblahblah [y/n]: ','s');

    while user=='y' || user='Y' || user=='yes' || user=='Yes'

    MATLAB recommends I change to strcmp. Why is this?
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    Even if the strings had the same length, using == might result in the creation of an intermediate logical array of the same size, whereas strcmp might stop comparing as soon as the first difference was encountered.
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    It's also a very good habit to learn if you ever move to C++ or Java, because in those languages == and strcmp() do fundamentally different things.

    In C++, == checks if the two strings share the same memory, not if the contents of the memory are equal.

    So for code like
    String a = "string" + " one";
    String b = "string one";
    String c = a;

    You get the strange result that a == c is true (because a and c are both references to the same String object), but a == b is false (because a and b are different String objects).

    But strcmp(a,b) and strcmp(a,c) are both true, which is probably how you wanted the comparison to behave.
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    This is not correct. C++ has no String type. For, C++'s std::string type, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8ww0haah.aspx" [Broken] does perform a lexicographical comparison, so a == b would be true. Also, you may not add two c-string literals in C++.

    Java, which does have a String type, does not have an strcmp function at all. This functionality may be performed with the .equals method.
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