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Wierd Mental Image thinking about bacteria

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    So I was just thinking about how our eyes cant see things too far and too near and how there is so many microscopic reactions and organisms that we cant not see. And I just got this mental image, of my single knuckle zooming in, and it looks like a mountain. Its very discolored and there is a lot of green bacteria moving around. Then the view zooms out and it shows the wholebody, but it is seen as a landscape. The bacteria are in a hustle and bustle in this landscape. And I see myself like Atlas or some giant creature that the world lives on. And my shape is very disfigured too, because the pores and little imperfections become so magnified, that they look like mountains or craters and channels. Kinda trippy. Anyone else have some trippy mental images to share?
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    Nothing trippy, but when I see a fruit like an apple that has a BUNCH of tiny holes (like 2mm diameter holes riddled all over it) on its surface and it looks like it was work of bacteria or insects, I get chills and tinkling feeling on my neck area along with a feeling of wanting to spit out excess saliva. I got the tingling feeling as I typed this up. Weird :S
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    Here's trippy for ya. To me, everyone looks like they're in their seventies or eighties. I noticed this a few months ago and it's disturbing. Even young children look old to me. The various features I've long associated with old age have somehow coalesced with unrelated attributes.
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    I think that's a normal response to not wanting to eat the worms in your apples.
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    Sometimes, big trucks - like garbage trucks - look like scanning electon micrographs of insects.

    http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/2066/garbagetruckrv1.jpg [Broken]

    http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/1415/insectse1.jpg [Broken]
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    Have you guys tested your water supply recently :smile:
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    Yeah, that's why I run it through the Brita filter BEFORE I add the LSD.
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    You mean you don't see that they look similar...?!?
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    where did you get the insect image from lisab ?
  11. Dec 12, 2008 #10
    rehab? :)
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    Firstly .. the claim that we cannot see things near or far is i submit simply false ,

    I can see the scratches on the cornea of my eye , but i have to defocus my sight in order to see them , but i can see them clear as a lithograqh and the cornea is pretty near to the eye isn't it ?

    Secondly , If you lay down (to be comfortable) - and close your eyes , then press against the eye sockets firmly with the heels/palms/fingers of the hand and hold that position for at least 2minutes you should begin to see something of a inner world of streaming light and pattern .

    These patterns can develop until being dynamic quite unlike anything you have ever seen with your eyes open .

    Seems to me like a direct imprint of some neural network in operation , like watching your own thoughts immersed in a rich galaxy of light that can make opening your eyes again something of a major transition back to 'reality' .

    Never seen this well described anywhere before and apart from one other person online who mentioned it , myself and my father are the only two people i know who have practised this particular "art" (and believe it or not we both found the method independantly)

    I think of it as forced transcendental meditation ,, because it appears to be the direct pressure on the eyes/eylids that pushes the optic neurons into this special behavior .
    Sort of like Fractals .. but far more digital and dynamic

    Its how i used to fast-track myself into dreams and sleep as a youth .
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    I just googled "scanning electon microscope insect" and it's the first one to pop up in Images.
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    but can you taste your own tongue?

    thought so.

    why does that color thing happen when you press on your eyes, I've always wondered...
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    Hey there you go lb .. I caant hardly believe the image is reaal ..

    Has that insect got hands !!!
    (looks like he's holding handles on a motorbike) ?
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    Ahh yeah have done that too , really thats not much of a surprise
    .. you just bite it
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    That reminded me of this:

  18. Feb 14, 2009 #17
    I've seen fractal formations in nature (Albeit from my days of inhaling nitrous). Anyways, it was a pattern of leaves on a tree. I could see silhouettes of shapes (of a boot for instance) in the larger portion of the tree and mirrored in smaller variants throughout the tree. Pictures in pictures if you will.
    I imagine viewing life through fractals is alot like the picture collages that you may have seen. Each square is a picture unto itself but a larger picture is made from the smaller ones.

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