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Homework Help: Will the gun explode if I do this?

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    I have a couple of questions for the members of this great site. If I shoot a .45acp bullet with 230 grains in a 5" barrell in salt water at a depth of 140', will the gun explode? does the type of bullet makes any difference? for example flat head vs cone shaped? What would be the formula to calculate this? can ou post the whole calculation? This is for a college class group and someone asked this question. Please help. Thanks
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    Re: help

    No, the gun would not explode - why would you think it would?
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    Re: help

    The reason some members of the group thought the gun would explode is because of the pressure the water would apply to the bulllet exiting from case or the barrel, not because of the gun powder. I guess exploding is not the correct term, but crack the metal is most appropriate.
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    Re: help

    The water pressure is trivial compared to the pressure of the gunpowder.
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    Re: help

    thanks for the replies. Is there some chart or something that shows why is negligeble
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