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B Wobbling galaxies: New evidence for dark matter

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    Astronomers have discovered that the brightest galaxies within galaxy clusters 'wobble' relative to the cluster's center of mass. This unexpected result is inconsistent with predictions made by the current standard model of dark matter. With further analysis it may provide insights into the nature of dark matter, perhaps even indicating that new physics is at work.

    Is this a matter of incorrect observation or is it real?
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    The press release at Science Daily notes near the end that:

    The wobbling observation is very likely to be real as it is a close analogy of the long known "cusp-core" problem with Cold Dark Matter. See, e.g., https://arxiv.org/pdf/1305.7452v2.pdf

    But, the need for self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) to solve the problem is huge, because all astrophysically relevant parameters for SIDM have been ruled out by other data. See:

    Torsten Bringmann, et al., "Strong constraints on self-interacting dark matter with light mediators" (December 2, 2016). Abstract:

    The conclusion of the paper notes that:

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