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Wonder electro-harm potential of scenario

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    If one were to accidentally touch only the hot wire (ie black) of an ordinary household circuit while standing barefoot on a dampish dirt floor, what is the potential for a strong shock and if contact is maintained, possible electrocution? Idealize the scenario with: you're wearing only briefs and your skin is absolutely calm and dry. The power couldn't travel down your skin I figure and would find an avenue through the muscles? It's a long distance, finger to foot, and there is bound to be impedance. I'd think maybe the power would be too sapped to be a real nasty. Then again. if it happened while barefoot on a cement basement floor, we'd be looking at tons more impedance. Barefoot on a carpeted basement cement floor: that couldn't be a shock hazard, could it? The greater the impedance the lower the amperage, I figure, hence lower wattage and it's the wattage that jolts, I hazard to guess.
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    Why would wearing briefs make a difference?

    If the current only travels thru you muscles, you should be so lucky. If it travels thru your heart, lights out, permanently.

    It's not the volts, it's the amps which kill you.

    Household current is not safe to play around with. Always treat it as lethal.
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    And here I thought the heart was a muscle. :uhh:
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    Well, it would make a difference if you were wearing a full set of medieval metal armor :smile:
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